A self created recipe for Christmas stuffing

supplied by

Chloe Hammond

1. Grease a cake tin, or similar sized pyrex dish.
2. Peel & grate 3 large cooking apples & very finely dice a onion- ideally red.
3. Put a large packet of sausagemeat into a mixing bowl. Add a desert spoon of cider vinegar, and plenty of black pepper. Mix in the apple & onion. Mix it all really well- you’ll have to use your hands- yuky, but easiest way to really mix everything equally.
4. Ideally let it stand together for at least an hour.
5. Put into greased dish / tin and put into oven with turkey for last 45 mins of cooking time. Just as nice cold in your turkey sandwiches as hot- which is why I’ve given the recipe to make lots.