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Coming soon: Paws and Claws


After monthspaws-and-claws-cover of writing, editing, rewriting, polishing and cover design, we’re proud to announce our third anthology, Paws and Claws. As the title suggests, it features animals as its central theme, but, well… it was written by the members of the Cake & Quill Collective, which means it’s not a collection of the cute and the cuddly – every paw hides a claw.

Between these pages, you’ll find out the truth about Adolf and his feathery friend and what it’s really like to be a country vet’s son. You’ll hear Bast speak and see animals gang up and fight back. You’ll meet stoned sheep and suicidal snails. Wild wolves and mongrel dogs, fluffy cats and a plague of frogs – we’ve gathered them all, for your enjoyment.

As usual, all proceeds will go to charity. In this case, we’ve found a lovely dog shelter, Bob’s House for Dogs, who do everything from offering hospice care for older dogs, to helping make senior dogs ‘more adoptable’, and to try and give more dogs who have found themselves without a home, a forever home.

Paws and Claws is coming on 1st of April – no joke – so watch this space for further announcements.

…time is running out…submissions closing soon…


As you can see, the-eleventh-hour-1254213_1280our alarm clock is showing five minutes to twelve, means time is rapidly ticking away. If you still want to be a part of our next anthology – general theme: animals (and while we do have a few working titles by now, we still don’t have a fixed title yet) – please note that your submission must reach us by 31 October the latest.

Look here for more details and how to submit.

As usual, proceeds will go to a charity in accordance with the theme.


Out now: Gifts from the Dark – A Miscellany of Dread


We proudly present our first anthology: dreadcover2.3Gifts from the Dark – A Miscellany of Dread.

A collection of stories & poems, each a small gift from the dark place where fear and dread dwell. A sometimes creepy, sometimes spooky, sometimes funny read, just in time for your Halloween night.



Halloween is a time when we celebrate the dark. But for some people, the darkness is very real, and they need help to fight it.

We are donating all of our proceeds from Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread to Step Up on Second, a nonprofit that supports homeless people in the Los Angeles area. We chose Step Up on Second because in addition to housing and vocational training, they provide support services and advocacy for the mentally ill.

Mental illness is intimately tied to homelessness—they make up a third of the homeless population in the United States. Lack of available treatment often leads to people falling into homelessness and complete abandonment. Worse, an estimated 80% of the homeless suffering mental illness have been victims of abuse. Since they are such a difficult population to work with, the mentally ill often don’t benefit from job training and other services available to homeless people because they need support to get a handle on their illness first.

My own story, The Killer 10, offers a cameo of a misunderstood psychic, living on the streets. I mention the difficulties of finding a toilet—but homeless people face everything from police violence to hunger. In Los Angeles, a third of homeless people who have been hospitalized for mental illness eat out of the garbage as their primary source of food.

Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread will titillate you with tales of demons, ghosts and serial killers. This Halloween, buy a copy, and know that you are helping some of the most vulnerable people face demons of their own.

Bradley Darewood