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Come in. We’re open.


That’s right, Cake & Quill are open for submissions for our next – as yet untitled – anthologies. As the two collections that went before, Gifts from the Dark and Hearts & Other Dead Things, they will be themed anthologies, open-966315_640with the proceeds going to an appropriate charity. Currently, our focus is on animals – protection, rights, rescue – so send us your sweet and cuddly, your fluffy and furry, your claws and teeth.

What you need to know before submitting:

We accept submissions from all over the world, as long as they’re written in English (UK or US spelling, be consistent) and the writer is at least 18 years old.

Every genre is welcome, fiction or non-fiction, as long as it fits the theme, though there’s a high probability we’ll pass if it’s erotica. Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, even a short novella is welcome. Maximum is 10k words.

We are a democracy. This means that everyone who contributes to an anthology gets a say in the final publication. Every writer reads every contribution, and there will be honest, mutual critique. If you don’t appreciate hearing another writer’s thoughts on your work, please don’t submit. And we’ll expect you to share some of the work load as well, especially marketing-wise.

The proceeds of all our books go to charity, and our editor, cover designer, organizer, writers, all work pro bono. Which means you won’t get paid (unless pictures of cake count as payment, in which case you might get rich). You’ll retain all the rights to your work. You can always publish it somewhere else.

How to submit:

Send an e-mail with your name and a brief outline of your submission to cakeandquill (at) fantasymail (dot) de. Don’t worry – we’re all writers here. We won’t judge you on your ability to sell yourself or write a synopsis. We just want to make sure you’re serious. We’ll send you a link to the project’s Facebook group, so you can join the fun. Yes, you’ll have to have a Facebook account. Sorry ’bout that, but we’ve found it the easiest way to get everybody involved and share all the necessary information within the group.

You have an awesome story but it doesn’t fit the current theme:

We have a few more projects lined up. Send your e-mail regardless, and we’ll let you know if what you have might fit somewhere else. Or maybe you want to suggest a theme? You know a charity you want us to help? Go ahead, and let us know.