We’re an international collective of writers – from Austria, Australia, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey, the UK, and the USA, with an editor also from Greece. Bound together by our shared love of the written word, and our appreciation for cake, we write, and always for a cause. The proceeds of each book we will publish as time goes by, will go entirely to an appropriate charity.

If you want to contact us, simply send a message to cakeandquill (at) fantasymail (dot) de. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.


Our Editor:

cat lenderi
Catherine Lenderi

Catherine Lenderi has been working as an English teacher since 1998 and has frequently been employed as a freelance editor / proofreader. She works with authors of various genres. In the “Books” section of her website, you can see some of the books she has recently worked on and the authors’ testimonies regarding her services.

Our Writers:

charlotte stirling

Tabatha Stirling – who doubles as our Cover Designer

Tabatha Stirling is a writer and poet living in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband, two elven children and a depressed Beagle, called The Beagle. Her publishing credits include Spelk fiction, Camroc Fiction Press , Literary Orphans, Mslexia, Feminine Collective and Twisted Sister.  Tabatha is a member of the Society of Authors. She recently signed with Unbound, the literary crowdfunding publisher, for her book, Blood On The Banana Leaf,  about maid abuse in Singapore and how women cope in the most brutal of circumstances. When Tabby is not writing or designing book covers, she is studying for her MLitt in Creative Writing at Glasgow University, gaming or watching dark, blood-splattered dramas like the Walking Dead, Ray Donovan and Sons of Anarchy. She is absolutely ready for a zombie apocalypse.


tina-rathTina Rath

Tina lives in London with her husband and some cats. She has had around 60 short stories published, and has several novels, including a fantasy trilogy on the stocks. She has a PhD in The Vampire in Popular Fiction, she’s an actress – recent jobs include Hideous Creature and Professional Yawner. Plus she’s a story-teller as well as a writer and a Queen Victoria Lookalike. From April 2017 on, she’ll take over the position of Resident Poet of the Dracula Society from well known genre and performance poet Cardinal Cox.

green streak
Angelika Rust

Angelika Rust was born in Vienna in 1977. These days, she lives in Germany, with her husband, two children, a despotic couple of cats and a hyperactive dog. After having tried almost every possible job from pizza delivery girl to HR consultant, she now makes a living knowing a little English.



adam oster


Adam Oster

Adam Oster writes tales of adventure where he can pretend he’s gone on wild excursions across time and space all for the purposes of coming up with an entertaining story. He also likes pizza.



Jay Robbins


Jay Robbins

Jay Robbins was born in the 1980s. He is from Wyoming.



yvonne marjot


Yvonne Marjot

Yvonne Marjot was born in England, grew up in New Zealand, and now lives on a Scottish island. She has been making up stories and poems for as long as she can remember, and once won a case of port in a poetry competition (New Zealand Listener, May 1996). In 2012 she won the Britwriters Award for poetry, and her novels The Calgary Chessman, The Book of Lismore and Walking on Wild Air are published by Crooked Cat.


tom greenwood


Tom Greenwood

Born and lived in Scotland all his life apart for a year down in Sheffield. Married with two daughters. Trying to learn Spanish. Wrote a book. Likes beer. Does computers for a living and gets frustrated at all the nonsense that goes on in a (fairly) big company. Err nothing really exciting. Never won a nobel prize, though he once did win a bottle of rum.




Faye Kename

Faye Kename is not a carrot.





Paula Shene

Paula Louise Shene took to writing after forced retirement. She is a former college administrator and business owner whose hours are now filled with caring for a disabled husband and tapping at the keys that take her away into a saner reality. She writes children’s stories under the name Paula Shene. In addition to Cake & Quill, she writes under the banner of The Peacock Writers, a group also dedicated to charity. PC Shene is her name for Sci//Fi/Fantasy.



Hannah Warren

Hannah Warren (Paris, Fr. 1956) is a suspense writer based in The Netherlands. When she’s not writing or thinking about writing, you can find her at the paid job at the local university translating stuff and recruiting international students, experimenting with organic food in her kitchen, stretching the old bones in Yoga or exchanging WhatsApp messages with her grown-up kids. She loves creating complex characters (mostly women), who are faced with impossible choices in life and still they crack it, whether they perish or not. Warren writes both contemporary and historical fiction and her style can be described as old school: descriptive & character-driven.



Sue Moorhouse

Sue Moorhouse lives in the north of England and was a teacher of dyslexic students. In the past she had three children’s fantasies and a few short stories published, and recently a book of fairy tales for oldies and a short story about death. She would probably be a better writer if she didn’t use the dog, the garden, and almost any other excuse, to avoid getting on with it.




Pat Black

Pat Black is a journalist and haverer lost in the UK. He has little time for writing these days and it probably shows. He has been in a few anthologies and is currently batting his eyelashes at a few agents.




Kate Murdoch

Kate exhibited widely as a painter before turning her hand to writing. In between writing historical fiction, she enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction.  Her stories have appeared in Eunoia Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Flash Fiction Press, Spelk Fiction, Sick Lit Magazine, Ink In Thirds magazine, Visible Ink, Firefly Magazine, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Feminine Collective, The Fiction Pool and Nasty Women Everywhere.



Karen Eisenbrey

Karen Eisenbrey lives in Seattle, WA, where she leads a quiet, orderly life and invents stories to make up for it. Her debut novel, garage-rock fairy tale The Gospel According to St Rage, was published in 2016. In addition to writing fantasy, science fiction and the occasional poem that insists, Karen sings in a church choir and plays drums and sings backup in garage band Your Mother Should Know. She shares her life with her husband, two young-adult sons, and two mature-adult cats. She has always been cat people.



Cindra Spencer

Cindra Spencer lives in Colorado with her beautiful  family, including a hedgehog, a cat, and a rescue dog that insists on giving her kisses more often than is necessary.  She works full time inspecting health facilities and is often on the road.  She occasionally dusts off her keyboard and pretends to be a writer.




Sebnem Sanders

Sebnem E. Sanders is a native of Istanbul, Turkey. Currently
she lives on the Eastern shores of the Southern Aegean where she dreams and
writes Flash Fiction and Flash Poesy, as well as longer works of fiction. Some
of her flash stories have been published on various online magazines.



j cassidy

J. Cassidy

J. Cassidy used to be an oak tree growing in a park in England. She still likes to be decorated once a year. Pink, sparkly fluffles and rainbows make everything better.


sa shields

S.A. Shields

S.A. Shields is a twenty something mother of three boys, who spends too much time writing and drinking coffee. Her debut novel, Don’t Speak, is a mature young adult fiction, which tackles those dark teenage issues no one wants to speak about.



chloe hammond

Chloe Hammond

Born in Liverpool in 1975, she grew up in West Wales. She studied Behavioural Sciences at the University of Glamorgan, but pestered her lecturers to allow her some modules of Creative Writing. Married, she now lives by the sea, just outside Cardiff, with two bonkers dogs and a suitably lazy cat. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she finally made time to write, finding writing a stimulation to help her through every crisis.


wd frank

W.D. Frank

From his humble beginnings in a Texas township, W.D. Frank has reached a level of literary genius that challenges God himself. Small town preachers quake in their boots when he approaches and children wet themselves in fear. The dread that he shall unleash upon you is but a tiny glimpse of his horrific literary power, muted only by his mercy, to protect your virgin eyes from permanent scarring.


bradley darewood


Bradley Darewood

Born just before Halloween, Bradley Darewood has a special love of the macabre. He writes everything from psychotic sorceresses to indigents in space. Oh, and W.D. Frank refers to him as man-candy. Keep an eye out for his upcoming fantasy novel.



cat nicolaou

Cat Nicolaou

Cat Nicolaou lives with her family and many pets on a small island in Greece. She grew up surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and beautiful beaches. Living in such a peaceful area, she enjoys the idyllic setting around her. It is therefore not surprising that she likes to write romantic stories. Strolling by the seaside is where she gets all her inspiration. As an ever-romantic herself, she likes writing and reading stories with a happy ending, though she does torment her characters before they find a happy resolution.

ken alexopoulos


Ken Alexopoulos

Ken eats food and hates being kicked in the crotch.




ae churchyardA.E. Churchyard

Kira Morgana writes popular fantasy novels. Now she’s branching out into Dark Urban/Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction with a touch of horror and this darker fiction can be found under A. E. Churchyard. Currently, she’s working on various projects including Fantasy novels. All this AND she volunteers at a local Brownie Pack. Kira lives in South Wales, UK with her family and when she works out where her mind has gone, you will be the first to know!


rubianne wood

Rubianne Wood

Rubianne Wood is a writer of paranormal mysteries. She’s from Southeast Kansas where she grew up in a small town and currently lives there happily with her family. She is the mother of three boisterous teenagers, two dogs, and a cat. Though her home-life can be pretty chaotic, she was born with the God-given talent to block out the noise and live in her own world for hours at a time in order to write.


russell cruse


Russell Cruse

Russell Cruse lives in a beautiful village in rural England with a long-suffering wife, two dogs and a cat. It wasn’t always the case. Some have said that his stories bear witness to a lifetime of bitterness, regret and depredation but those people are idiots; his stories are only stories – as all stories are.


tm hogan

T.M. Hogan

T.M. Hogan is a Greek Australian mum of three, who refuses to grow up. Grade-A crazy that makes life explode with colour and noise. A blooming dark fantasy writer, Walking Through Darkness is her first story to be published, with a trilogy titled Ganymede in the works.


don stephens


Donald B. Stephens

There was once a man who lived in a boot. He tried writing books and found it a hoot. They asked him for a short story, and he quickly complied. But when asked for a bio, they said he had lied.



janet biery

J.R. Biery

J.R. Biery is a retired teacher who loves to write. Sold numerous fiction and nonfiction pieces to magazines while a stay-at home mom. Had one novel, Potter’s Field, accepted and published by Advance Books, a small press no longer in business. Now has seventeen works up on Amazon, twelve are novels.



james mcallister


James Warren McAllister

James Warren McAllister is a Registered Respiratory Therapist living in Central New York State. James has been interested in science fiction since a friend in Junior High School lent him the Lensmen Series of books by E. E. “Doc” Smith. This interest was further spiked by Star Trek and then Star Wars.




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