Monthly Archives: April 2016

Our first donation!


Now that 2015 is long done and dusted and all the tax stuff finally sorted, we are proud to announce that our first donation went out today!

When we published Gifts from the Dark in October 2015, we didn’t really know if we’d sell much, or anything at all. None of us is particularly good at all this marketing mumbo-jumbo. Nevertheless, from October 31 to December 31, we managed to collect almost $100 in royalties, all of which was paid into the account of Step up on Second today. According to their website, this little bit of money will keep a mentally ill homeless safe and warm for 20 days.

Here’s the proof (and sorry for the German. That’s the sort of thing that happens if you let the Austrian handle your bookkeeping): Donation Step up on Second II

Here’s hoping we’ll sell a lot more in 2016!